Peterson Farm Bros CD + Free Farm Parody CD

Image of Peterson Farm Bros CD + Free Farm Parody CD


A CD of our original songs! Each order of this CD will also include a free CD that includes EVERY SINGLE ONE of our parody songs!

Original Songs CD:
1) Farming and Football
2) Life of a Farmer
3) Call Before Ya Dig
4) Farm Slam Poem

Parody Songs CD:
1) I'm Farming and I Grow It
2) Farmer Style
3) A Fresh Breath of Farm Air
4) Bale
5) Chore
6) All I Do is Farm
7) I'm So Farmer
8) Taking Care of Livestock
9) Farmers Feed the World
10) Our Farm Song
11) Residue
12) Forage Harvester
13) From the Land of Kansas

A portion of the profit from online orders will be donated to our local food bank. Thanks for your support!